Autumnal Mopar Road Trip

Autumn brings and end to summer with a colorful intermission before winter. Many of us (and most likely you if you’re reading this) enjoy the scenery while piloting a vehicle. I’m a member of a local Modern Mopar car club and for a group event we did a short tour of eastern central Kansas; let me tell you about this memorable event.

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On this autumn tour there were a total of 30 vehicles in attendance. Now you may be wondering what models were represented on this tour. There were 18 Dodge Challengers, 10 Dodge Chargers, 1 Dodge Durango, and 1 Jeep Grand Cherokee. While all of the vehicles in attendance were examples of Mopar, and 2005 vintage at the oldest, there was a good variety in the group. There were SXTs, lots of R/Ts, a fist full of SRTs, and even some special editions including Scat Packs, Hellcats, and Daytonas! Nearly every color was represented including Pitch Black, Granite, Billet Silver, TorRed, Go Mango, Top Banana, Yellow Jacket, Sublime, Blue Streak, B5 Blue, Plum Crazy, and Bright White.

Cruise underwayChargers and ChallengersChallengers Charger and Grand CherokeeChallengers Chargers and DurangoCharger Hellcats and ChallengersB5 Hellcat Sublime Daytona Plum Crazy R/T

But what about the road trip? you ask. Well, it was an impromptu car show in a parking lot until we had all gathered for the start. A couple dozen brightly colored cars (and even more people standing around a parking lot) in the morning was slightly more than conspicuous so we managed to get some unexpected attention. The driver of a smart car passing through the gathering stopped and had asked good-humorously if anyone wanted to race. Later still, a firetruck stopped and a firefighter stepped off just to look at the cars.

Eventually, we gathered up and began our road trip headed east on US Route 400 out of Andover, KS. The first of two pit stops was at Beaumont Rest Area for bathroom breaks, photo opportunities, and chat with the drivers of the other cars in the caravan. We then had a couple changes in direction; North on KS-99 and then back west on Highway 54. The second and final pit stop was an empty, modest parking lot in Eureka, KS for a quick chat, stretch, and photo opportunity. Leaving El Dorado through Highway 54 we went our separate ways.

I remember when I was a kid I saw a car club driving together on the freeway a few times; it was a spectacle as a kid and now impressive as an adult. It was quite the experience being a part of a rolling car show event that others wouldn’t be able to not notice. Making a scene for others wasn’t our goal; we just wanted to have some fun with our cars and others with similar cars. The Mopar family has shrank and grown over the years, but, I’m happy to be a Mopar family member now.

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