Mopar Miles Cruise 2017

A marvelous day for many miles amongst Mopars!


This was the first rolling event for local car club 316ModernMopar and it was a spectacular precedent for cruise events in the future. The plan was to meet up, drive up to Cottonwood Falls, have a picnic lunch, and finally return home with a sprinkling of photo opportunities.

Mopar hoods Line-up
So what kind of cars showed up for the cruise? There were 21 modern Mopar vehicles in attendance during the event: 9 Challengers, 8 Chargers, 2 RAMs, a Viper, and a Wrangler JK. There was a wide range of trims across these models even including SXT, R/T, Daytonas, Scat Packs, SRT8, SRT10, and even a mighty Hellcat.

The event started in the morning when we crowded the parking lot of a gas station. Once we all had gathered, we queued up in the adjacent street and began the cruise heading through El Dorado to drive up KS-177. Once we made it up to Cottonwood Falls, we parked in front of the Chase County Courthouse for a photo opportunity.
Wrangler-JK Charger-RT Challenger-SRT Charger-Hellcat Challenger-RT Challenger-RT Charger-RT-SP Challenger-RT Viper-SRT10 Charger-RT-SP Charger-RT-SP Challenger-SRT Challenger-SRT Challenger-SXT RAM-RT RAM-Daytona Charger-RT Challenger-RT Challenger-RT Charger-RT-Daytona Challenger-RT

Once photos were taken we headed over to the local park nearby for lunch. After we finished eating we moved to a military memorial at the park for another photo opportunity.

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It was time to start heading home but we still had a couple moving photo opportunities left. The group parked at the a Kansas Scenic View to let photographer Morgan drive ahead to a location where we'd all drive past to get our pictures taken. (© Morgan Macias Photography photos are republished below with permission.) The final stop was the group pitting in El Dorado so Morgan could drive ahead again to take our pictures as we drove past.

Mopar cruise queued Mopar cruise queued 2 Mopar cruise Flyby 1 shot 1 Mopar cruise Flyby 1 shot 2 Mopar cruise Flyby 2 shot 1 Mopar cruise Flyby 2 shot 2 Mopar cruise Flyby 2 shot 3 Mopar cruise Flyby 2 shot 4 Mopar cruise Flyby 2 shot 5

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