Cars & Coffee Wichita

Shine those cars and roast that coffee; it’s the triumphant return of Cars & Coffee!

If you didn’t already know, Cars & Coffee Wichita features a local car club every month. This month, to kick off the 2018 season with a show of force, was the 316ModernMopar club. The early morning staging for 316MM was a chilly one and was an impromptu car show in its own right.

Once staged, the many Mopars caused some traffic and clogged one of the two entries into the parking lot for a few minutes (whoops!). 316MM wanted to really make an impression on the community, so modern Mopar examples of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars were handed out to kids as they walked through the club area.

Mopar had excellent representation thanks to club members with about 60 different cars ranging from a Dart to a Viper ACR and many Hemis in-between. They even made special room for Big Jon Racing's Dodge Challenger Hellcat racecar!

Dodge_Viper_ACR_1 Dodge_Viper_ACR_2 Big_Jon_Racing_Dodge_Challenger Big_Jon_Racing_Dodge_Challenger_2 Dodge_Viper_Red_1 Dodge_Viper_Red_2 Dodge_Challenger_Hood_Pin Dodge_Challenger_Shaker_Lime_Green Dodge_Charger_Daytona_Yellow_Jacket_Top_Banana Dodge_Challenger_Scat_Pack_Shaker_Custom_Vinyl_1 Dodge_Challenger_Scat_Pack_Shaker_Custom_Vinyl_2 Dodge_Charger_SRT_B5 Dodge_Charger_Scat_Pack_Custom_Asymetrical_Stripes Dodge_Challenger_Shakers_Plum_Crazy_Go_Mango Dodge_Colors Dodge_Viper_Custom_Lime_Green_Accents 316ModernMopar_Wichita_and_MOPAR_Flags

Once the Mopars got themselves situated, cars just kept filling in the parking lot for a record attendance to the event. Not all cars are created (or regarded) equally and there was one car in particular that drew a large crowd this month: the new Ford GT. This notoriously difficult to purchase model has never made an appearance at Cars & Coffee Wichita before so it’s not surprising that it was so popular.

New_Ford_GT_1 New_Ford_GT_2 New_Ford_GT_3 New_Ford_GT_4 New_Ford_GT_5 New_Ford_GT_6 New_Ford_GT_7 New_Ford_GT_8 New_Ford_GT_9 New_Ford_GT_10 New_Ford_GT_11

As the regulars know, Cars & Coffee isn’t just for the exotics, there are all sorts of cars that show up to these events and all enthusiasts’ cars are welcome. Check out some of sights and cars of this month’s event below!

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Lamborghini_Murcielago_1 Lamborghini_Murcielago_2 Lamborghini_Murcielago_3 Maseratti_Custom_Grill Ford_GT_No52_1 Ferrari_360_1 Ferrari_360_2 Plymouth_Prowler Chevrolet_C6_Corvette_Inferno_Orange Nissan_Silvia_Drift_Car Drift_Steering_Lock Chevrolet_Camaro_Pace_Car Ferrari_FF Mercedes_GTc Ferrari_F430_New_Ford_GT Previous_Ford_GT_New_Ford_GT McLaren_MP4-12c_1 McLaren_MP4-12c_2 VW_Beetle Drift_Stickers Ford_Mustang_Interior AMX_AMC Suzuki_Hayabusa_2 Cobra_Exhaust Mercedes_Face Ferarri_400i Datsun_240z_1_HDR Datsun_240z_2 Chevrolet_Silverado_Custom_Shortened_Chassis Ford_GT_No52_2 Chevrolet_Blazer Acura_NSX_Lotus_Esprit_s4

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