Wichita Central & West

Central & West Car Meet

At the Central & West intersection in Wichita, KS. there’s a smaller, scrappier version of Cars & Coffee happening Friday nights.

This was my first experience at this very casual car meet. The local 316ModernMopar car club completely overwhelmed the meet, crowding out nearly all other cars out of the main stretch of parking. Just like Cars & Coffee, there was a wide range of cars (classic hot rod, Underground Racing Lambo, trucks, and beaters) rubbernecking, parking, and inevitably revving. Here’s some of the sights from the night!

Wichita & MOPAR Flags Kill Tally Sticker Dodge Magnum SRT8 Dodge Challenger Go Wing & Louvers Dodge Challenger T/A Hood & Stripes Dodge Challenger T/A Hood Custom Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Shaker MOPAR Skittles Dodge Challenger Ferrada Wheels Dodge Challenger Procharger Engine Bay Custom Dodge Challenger Two-Tone Dodge Viper Dodge Challenger Redline Dodge Charger Louvers Custom Dodge Charger ScatPack Custom Dodge Charger Hellcat Vents

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