1st Annual 316 ModernMOPAR Lupus Awareness Cruise

Dodges Staged at Hartman Arena

Local car club 316 ModernMOPAR hosted a Lupus Awareness cruise open to all cars to kick off the Memorial Weekend. Check out some of the sights and cars after the jump!

316 ModernMOPAR has multiple members affected by Lupus, and wanted to raise awareness of the disease in the Wichita area. Lupus is an auto-immune disease more commonly affecting women without a known cure so far. To raise awareness about Lupus, the club organized this event for cars of all models to meet at Hartman Arena, hear a PSA about Lupus for all in attendance, cruise Broadway Avenue through part of Wichita to O.J. Watson Park, and finally raffle off products donated by the sponsoring companies including (in no particular order):

This event was one of the largest events 316 ModernMOPAR has had yet with excellent representation from its members, and for the first time, from members of other car clubs. Remarkable cars from 316MM included multiple Hellcats, a Viper, and a RAM SRT10; and remarkable cars from other clubs included a Lamborghini Huracan Underground Racing, a Shelby Series 1, and a Lotus Esprit.

The event was a big success and the 316ModernMOPAR club was very proud to host such an event and look forward to other opportunities in the car community.

Dodge Challenger Wheel Detail Dodge Challenger B5 RT Front Dodge Challenger RT TITAN Dodge Charger Daytona Lime Green Dodge Challenger RT Scat Pack Shaker Purple Halos Dodge Charger Challenger Bright White Purple Ribbons Dodge Charger Purple Ribbon Dodge Charger LuckFupus Ford Mustang Roush Ford Mutang GT Hood Cowl Chevrolet C7 Corvetter Front Chevrolet C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Cove Vent Can-Am Spyder Roadster Dodge Challenger TA Chevrolet Camaro SS Dodge RAM SRT10 Dodge Challenger TA Chevrolet Camaro SS SRT Wheel Detail Dodge Charger Scat pack Red on Black Lowered Dodge Challenger RT Shaker Plum Crazy Plum Crazy Shaker Hood Violet Hash Stripes Black on Red Dodge Challenger SRT Red on Black Dodge Charger RT Ford Mustang GT Roush 316 ModernMOPAR ar Hartman Arena Raffel Tickets Tent Purchasing Raffel Tickets Dodge Challengers Rear Angle Dodge Charger Diffuser Warm Colored Dodge Challengers Chevrolet Bolt C5-7-7 Chevrolet Corvettes Rear Angle Dodge RAM Chrysler 300 Announcement at Hartman Arena Staging Cruise Lamborghini Huracon Underground Racing Parked Dodge Challenger RT Scat pack Shaker Violet Halos Arriving Cars at OJ Watson Park Lotus Esprit Interior Shelby Series 1 Front Hood Up Annoucement at OJ Watson Park Purchasing Raffel Tickets at OJ Watson park Crowd at OJ Watson Park 1 Crowd at OJ Watson Park 2 Drawing Raffel Tickets at OJ Watson Park 1 Crowd at OJ Watson Park 3 Drawing Raffel Tickets at OJ Watson Park 2

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