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Volkswagen Beetle Oil Slick

Shine up those cars, and roast that coffee, it's time for another Cars & Coffee!

This month the featured Foul Air Kansas and Wetdub were featured together as the month's car club, showcasing many VWs. Mostly VW Golfs occupied the club reserved parking area however there were a couple iconic VWs from the Wichita area as well as some really interesting VWs.

Volkswagen Golf carbon fiber front fender Volkswagen Bus Truck Volkswagen Bus Volkswagen Bettle Oil Slick Volkswagen Golf Gold Rims

Something genuinely surprising this month was the high number of Alfa Romeos in attendance. Three cars normally would be considered a small number especially when they were scattered and not parked together, but remember thi is Alfa Romeo we're talking about here seeing one is special and seeing three different models was unheard of. Check out the Alfas as well as some of the other cars below!

Father Son Dodge Challenger Honda Civic Alfa Romeo Giulietta Mk1 Side Alfa Romeo Giulietta Mk1 front Ferrari 488 GTB Rear Angle Ferrari 488 GTB Side scoops Ferrari 488 GTB rear Ford Plate Old GT New GT Ford GT Plate Old GT New GT Ford GT Head light Hood Vent Subaru BRZ Ferrari 488 GTB character line Old Alfa Romeo Front bmw z8 alpina Front angle bmw z8 alpina front bmw z8 alpina side vent austin healey 3000 austin healey mini off-road lights Custom Chopper bike green Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Opel GT Dodge Challenger Pink Panther AC Cobra Replica side AC Cobra Replica paint Nissan 300ZX 370z

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