Cruise for Talon

Waving in Dodge Viper SRT10

Car communities, like any other enthusiast community, have their rivalries and mutual respect for different outlooks on the hobby or different brands of similar products. This usually serves to divide the community, but these differences don’t mean the community cannot come together.

The Wichita Area Mustangs and 316 Modern Mopar car clubs came together, along with an open invite to all cars, last weekend in support of a young man and his family. Read on for the story and be sure to check out some of the sights below!

Without sharing too much personal information, the short story is unexpected, extensive and expensive medical treatments and diagnostics were needed for this young man. Wichita Area Mustangs banded together in support and reached out 316 Modern Mopar for additional support remembering the Lupus Cruise hosted by 316 Modern Mopar a couple months ago. Not one to shy away from a good cause, 316 Modern Mopar accepted the invitation.

All cars assembled at Hartman Area just north of Wichita, KS to have a look at everyone’s cars while staging for the cruise to Newton, KS. The young man was given the choice for his chariot to lead the cruise. He made a solid choice; one of 316 Modern Mopar’s own, a Dodge Viper SRT10. Riding in the passenger seat of his V10 chariot, he led the cruise of 128 cars in attendance. The multi-mile long caravan of cars was greeted by others on the side of the road, watching and waving.

Finally arriving in a large vacant parking lot, the event concluded with an informal car show. Everyone was checking out each other’s cars and meeting the young man when they had a chance. What was a memorable weekend for most in attendance will be a lifelong memory for this young man. When he earns his driver’s license, the Viper’s owner has offered him an opportunity to drive the Viper that carried him this remarkable day.

Dodge Charger RT Daytona Lime Green Go Mango Mopar Hoods Dodge Challenger RT War Paint Stripes Go Mango Ford Mustang rally stripes Jeep Wrangler Ford Mustang Custom Hood Dodge Charger Challenger rear end Dodge Challenger Black out Tail light Ford Mustang Shelby Nissan GT-R Ford Mustang Hood Stripes Entering Dodge Viper SRT10 Waving in Dodge Viper SRT10 Sitting in Dodge Viper SRT10 Dodge Viper Staging for cruise Dodge Chargers front ends Ford Focus Mustang Photos in Ford Mustang Dodge RAM Black Ford Mustang Arriving Dodge Charger Arriving Yellow Ford Mustang arriving Dodge Charger Challenger Hoods up Classic Ford Mustang Front Attending Emergency personnel vehicles

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