Central & West Wichita

Lincoln Continental rear angle

Another Friday night in Wichita, another Central & West, check out some of the sights after the jump!

Quite a few remarkable cars showed up last Friday including a rare Chevrolet C7 Corvette Callaway making 757 HP, a very stock—very impressive—Lincoln Continental, and a modified Volkswagen Beetle called OIL SLICK. There are multiple ways to get Callaway parts onto a Corvette and I'm not sure how these were installed, but seeing any Callaway is a really special occasion. I was approached by the couple who own the Lincoln and they were nice folks; they showed me around the car. It's very minty, which makes the car and its iconic details and characteristics all the more impressive. Finally, a beetle that's very obviously near and dear to the owner. The unique state of the paint has been clear-coated and is in its finished state to the surprise of some inquirers. The owner also has a sense of humor to put a HEMI badge on the rear of the car, where the modest VW engine resides, making a fraction of the horsepower that the engine the badge represents would make. There were plenty of other special and interesting cars and trucks that showed up so be sure to check out some of the sights below!

Chevrolet C7 Corvette Callaway Engine 757 HP Rat Rod Gold Digger Hotrod Interior Gold Digger Hotrod Hood Intakes Thunderbird 427 Fender Badge Thunderbird 427 Front Fender Ford Galaxie Fender Badge BMW Z3 Chevrolet Custom 20 Deluxe V8 350 Truck MOPAR Engine Head Cover Lincoln Continental Wheel Detail Lincoln Continental Seat Detail Lincoln Continental Hood ornament Reflection Lincoln Continental Front Lincoln Continental Hood Ornament Chevrolet Custom 20 Deluxe V8 350 Truck Grille Lincoln Continental Window Detail Lincoln Continental Rear fender badge Lincoln Continental rear angle Lincoln Continental rear Lincoln Continental interior door detail Lincoln Continental open hood Lincoln Continental interior rear seat emblem Chevrolet Camaro Dragster Lowered Mazda B2200s Acura Integra rear Acura Integra wheel Acura Integra side angle Chrysler New Yorker Front Leak Chrysler New Yorker C-Pillar Badge Chevrolet C5 C6 Corvettes Hash Stripes Volkswagen Beetle OILSLICK tow bar Volkswagen Beetle OILSLICK Trailer Badges Volkswagen Beetle OILSLICK Trailer Plates Volkswagen Beetle OILSLICK HEMI Badge Volkswagen Beetle OILSLICK Taillight detail Volkswagen Beetle OILSLICK roof rack Toyota MR2 Rear Difuser Toyota MR2 Wheel Detail Toyota MR2 TOTA Lets Go Places Toyota MR2 Interior MOMO Wheel

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