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2JZ Engine in Lexus

Shine up those cars, and roast that coffee, it's time for another Cars & Coffee!

This month's featured car club was the Wichita Region Porsche Club of America and that means a ton of Beetles 911s because that's the most successful car Porsche makes. Porsches certainly weren't the only cars in attendance this month though, there was the usual wide assortment from the beat up dailies to the exotics. Some of the cars that were really special this month was a wide-body S2000, a what appears to be a 2JZ swap into a Lexus, and a remarkable juxtaposition of a Lamborghini Gallardo next to a Dodge Viper GTS. Check out these cars and more below!

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Dodge Challengers Chargers 316ModernMopar Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 316ModernMopar 2JZ Engine in Lexus 2JZ Lexus Lotus Esprite S4s Turbo Chevrolet C6 Corvettes Hoods Up Rear Porshe Carreras Wichita Region PCA Honda S2000 Wide Body front angle Honda S2000 Wide Body Front Fender Front Angle Jurassic World Subaru Crosstrek Subaru WRX STi Volkswagen Beetle Dune Lowered Pontiac Fiero Honda S2000 Wide Body Front Fender Rear Dodge Viper GTS Silver on Blue Stripes Pontiac Fiero Hood Honda S2000 Wide Body Rear Side Angle Lamborghini Gallardo Dodge Viper GTS

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