Central & West

Another Friday night in Wichita, another Central & West.

Yet another C&W photoshoot saturated by an awesome AMC; sorry not sorry. This AMC Javelin AMX is minty clean and awesome looking like most AMCs. With options like the 410 cui engine, and Trendsetter Sidepipes, this is a car for the haters, but I love it. Hailing from the early 70s this Javelin AMX was among the last gasps of the Muscle Car era and we'll never get cars like this one again. Speaking of muscle cars, there was quite the juxtaposition of a classic lime green Dodge Charger 440 parked in eyesight of a modern lime green Challenger RT. Check out these and other cool cars in attendance below!

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Big Block Chevy Hot Rod Side Big Block Chevy Hot Rod Engine Big Block Chevy Hot Rod Front Suspension Antique Buick Badges Antique Buick Side Antique Buick Front Fender Big Block Chevy Hot Rod Engine Details Antique Buick Front Angle Classic Ford mustang AMC Javelin Side AMC Javelin Light Detail AMC Javelin Side Pipes Detail AMC Javelin Interior Door Detail AMC Javelin C Pillar Detail AMC Javelin Tail Light Detail Antique Buick Front AMC Javelin Front AMC Javelin Roof Detail AMC Javelin Hood Detail Dodge Charger 440 Chevrolet C3 Corvette Dodge Charger 440 Challenger RT Mercury Marauder Side Mercury Marauder Rear Badge Chrysler 300 SRT8

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