316ModernMopar February Cruise

It’s been a while since my last outing, but this was quite the reunion. Join me after the jump to tag along on this adventure!

316ModernMopar had their February Cruise, out to Lake Afton, last weekend and it was a remarkable turnout for a rolling car show in the middle of winter. Cars and trucks assembled underneath Kellogg making Mopar proud with thousands of horsepower and a variety of cars in attendance. SXT’s next to Hellcats, next to special editions; all on equal terms in the pack. It was such a spectacle there was even a family in a GM truck took a lap through the parking lot looking at all the cars. Of course underneath Kellogg is a cliché location for photoshoots, but you can’t say no to these sorts of conditions for photography so I got to work with my camera.

After some time of waiting for cars to arrive and drivers socializing with each other, the first Hemi engine fired up signaling the start of the cruise. Cars filed out and made their way through old town to the freeway. Despite the street lights’ best efforts to divide the group; we were able to form our Mopar conga line on the freeway. The drive was short and sweet and we made it to Lake Afton.

The cars were parked on the back side of the lake and everyone got out for photos and shootin’ the breeze. I got my photos and decided to walk up to the retaining wall for a different photo perspective and also see the lake itself.

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After a few minutes, the decision was made to coordinate a car formation at a new location. Coordinating this many cars is rarely easy, but we ended up with a respectable result. After a few more photos folks starting taking off on their own accord and the cruise had concluded. It was a great time and thankfully decent weather for an early-February, Sunday afternoon.

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If you like any of the photos you see below and want a digital copy or print goods, check out the album in the store, but, if you're here just to peruse, thanks for stopping by!

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