Wichita Region SCCA RallyCross Event 4

Move over AutoCross, check out some RallyCross!

You've probably already heard of AutoX/AutoCross/Solo, but if you do AutoCross on dirt, it becomes RallyCross! This event was made extra interesting by the rain turning the clay/dirt into sludge and mud. The first heat was for the AWD cars and the second heat was for the rest. There were additional heats after lunch, but I had to bow out for the day. I think I got at least one photo of all the cars in attendance however; if I missed someone, it wasn't on purpose! If you're in the Wichita area and want to try RallyCross or AutoCross get intouch with Wichita Region SCCA and check out their Facebook.

If you like any of the photos you see below and want full resolution, watermarkless digital copies or print goods, check out the album in the store, but, if you're here just to peruse, thanks for stopping by!

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